The Somber Pirate Of The Future

Here is where I will post all of my poetry and post some photographs, quality not garanteed!

Here is my favorite poem of mine, with its accompanying illustration:

Aviation Obstruction Lights:

Fairies of the nights
Aviation Obstruction Lights
Why are you so lonely?

On the night’s onliest window, I reside
I look, I look, for lights in the sky
My own visual lullaby.

Full many a glow of pure volition
To most, their mission hidden
But I am the one to listen
Up high where you’ve been risen,
I will, one day, rest my disposition.

In the country there are fireflies
But up here we have you
May be tired eyes,
But your red matches our navy blue.

The city; chaotic
But you’re so serene
A charm all so hypnotic
Though it is so mean,
Many a flower bloom unseen.

So many red lights
The stars of the starless nights
Dots on pedestals.

The Window

Blue skies, clouds outside

A window after stairs

Looking from inside

Skies full of wonders

The man looks from his window

A world out of reach